Many people ask this question… 

the answer is


Which is more important?

“As you learn more your opponent will be more unwise”

The chinese military strategist’s 2500 years old advice is still on point nowadays!

Sun Tzu

In this ruthless race you can only win with your knowledge!


What are your chances?
Do you know how many internet users are there in the world?

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Welcome to life!

India pictures before coronavirus

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India pictures after quarantine

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Álmaid élete (magyar felirattal)

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I smart man investing in the future.

We live in the time when technologies are getting better year after year.

Get to know the technology,
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SkyWay 2020 Presentation


The way of the future

By investing in this project we can help…
  • √  Ourselves
  •   Our loved ones
  •   The humanity
  •   The nature
  •   Our environment
  •   The atmosphere
  •   Our planet
  • √  The biosphere
How can you reach all of this?

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