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Sky World Community Tutorial: Decide!

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When you watch the video, you will know what you can lose!



 Would it have been achieved without small investors? 

Ask yourself the question


Facts – June 2021 17
Development of traffic technology in SRTI Park …

Investment program from June 25 …

Market of ground transport up to 2100

We are at the very beginning of the commercial market implementation in 2021.

Offers panoramic views of UST, Inc.’s R&D hub in Sharjah.

Reasons why I invested in the project?

My first investment in the project …

Detailed terms and conditions of the new coupon system

Global problems in pictures

The solution – Click on the image and select a language

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Referral links to the site
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When a person clicks on your link and registers in your personal office,
you will receive from 15% of his/her investment.
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Main | Technology | Investments | The registration page in Personal Office  

Referral links to the landings
Landing is a one-page site that provides the most important information
about the SkyWay project in a user-friendly format.
If an investor registers via a link from the landing,
you will receive from 15% of their investment amount.

Eco Land | Space Land | Info Land |

Land 1 | Land 2 | Land 3

360° SkyWay tour
Take investors on a 360° tour of the String Transport Test Center
directly from your smartphone or computer.
You will be able to visually show how SkyWay transport works in reality,
demonstrate its functions and design.
Your referral link is attached to the landing page.
EcoTechnoPark 360°

SkyWay Dividend Information (labeled)

Presentation of the SKY WAY CAPITAL web office

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What is a SKY WAY CAPITAL investment package?

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Optional investment packages

Of course, if you don’t want to take the opportunity,
you can help others by sharing the information!

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