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May. 20. 2020


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How do you analyze a Startup!

The first and main mistake is when you try to find
out what other people think about this project the Internet.
Remember that any online discussoion, even of the most wonderful product, is 90% banál trolling.
It’s not a source you can rely on.
Take this issue very seiously, because you are looking for a real treasure,
and if you are lucky, it will lead you to the category of rich people.
Remember that the modern world is changing rapidly and welcomes new innovations that make life more comfortable and iteresting.
Look at what would interest you specifically.
What would change your life and the lives of others for the better?
Would you like the transport to stop killing and maiming people?
Would you like to travel comfortably and not expensively?
If so, it’s worth taking a close at the SkyWay projekt, which in 2014 declared itself as a Startup.

Today on the internet there are so many materials about Skyway that it is clear in which direction the project is moving. But two or three years ago there was only sketches and it was not easy to conclude. Then it was necessary some courage to invest, but those who did it would also have the highest earnings. A few months after I first heard about this, I concluded that it was not fraud, when I was listening to a webinar with good proofs.


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