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WE ARE ON RADIO UAE The first high-speed Sky Pod network in the UAE “with Oleg Zaretsky

Investing in SkyWay is your opportunity to get a share
in the fast-growing transport company.
SkyWay is funded using a crowdfunding model:
this implies the possibility of investing in small amounts.
… You can profit from each SkyWay implemented project according to
the number of your company shares.

Opportunity to invest in Skyway stock before starting the IPO — Skyway IPO
… in capital mobilization, capital management and marketing and finance
planning for the Skyway project.

2020: Results and Outlook / RESULTS and OUTLOOK

Note: Vietnam is very active

SUCCESS ROAD MESSAGES IN 2021 Confidence of victory

Report from the SkyWay Certification and Testing Center,

Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. EcoFest 2020